Scope and purpose of my research

My initial field of interest was the sound/meaning relationship of words and specifically a pervasive connection between the articulation of sounds and the meanings of words in English and some other languages that is described in the paper. This work led to the discovery of a previously unidentified set of semantic features that appear to be fundamental to the construction of word meaning in any language. These features are linked to perception and experience and appear to have a biological nature. If the nature and function of these features is verified they seem likely to have some important implications for linguistics and possibly some other fields. I have termed these features semantic factors. They provide the necessary structure of the meanings of words, a structure that is supplemented by two other essential elements of word meaning.

The purpose of this website is to make available to fellow linguists and whoever may be interested the results of the work described on this website with a view to obtaining feedback and comment. New papers will be added in due course.